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They call me 'Luc the Healer'

A healer at heart since my childhood, but also a trainer and speaker, I received a revelation of my abilities in 2004.
Thus, I have helped several hundred people find their way back to health and well-being.
My treatment protocol is based on my E-Quantum® method which was revealed to me through divine channel. I incorporate complementary energy techniques like Usui and Karuna Reiki, magnetism, EFT, Access Bars®, SANE® coaching, and many energy techniques.

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What customers say

Note: For confidentiality reasons, I have used assumed names.

what I offer you
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Remote energetic care

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Coaching & Consulting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions I am asked.

Energy in general

Is energy healing good for me?

Absolutely, there are no contraindications to energy treatments, and no side effects.
Thus, you can benefit from energy treatment for any physical or psychological pathology, etc.

What can energy healing do?

Energy healing does not work like allopathic treatments. In other words, they don't treat a disease or problem, but they allow your body to resolve them.
So it's your body working using its natural resources. Energy care provides him with the energy to be able to do so with “the right model” of good health.

In conclusion

This is why energy treatments can improve all pathologies without exception, and in particular so-called rare or autoimmune diseases. These are pathologies for which classical medicine does not yet have fully adapted answers.

Should I stop my treatment?

Not at all !
Medical treatments are prescribed by doctors and can only be changed or withdrawn by doctors.
It is not because you benefit from energy treatments, whatever they may be, that you must modify or stop a treatment. On the contrary, energy treatments will amplify the beneficial effects of your treatments and help you better tolerate the side effects or reduce them.

In conclusion :

If you notice that your treatment is no longer suitable, please consult your doctor.

From what age can you receive energy treatment?

At any age, without restrictions.
It is possible to provide energetic care to the youngest babies until end-of-life support.

In any case, it is not normal to suffer or be sick whatever our age.

Will you give me any treatment to follow?

And no, because I am not a doctor.

On the one hand, I don't have the training and knowledge to know how to do it.

On the other hand, this is strictly forbidden to me, since I am not a doctor.

In conclusion, if you wish to change a medical treatment, you will need to ask your attending physician or one of his colleagues.

What are the side effects of energetics?

There are no side effects after an energy treatment.

On the other hand, it is possible to feel pain or the return of symptoms after a session. This can last up to 3 days in the case of long-term illnesses and/or elderly people.

In our energetic jargon we call this phase “the healing crisis”. It corresponds to an action of energy and a movement of toxins and used energies that the body will take several hours and up to 3 days to eliminate.

Are you cracking my knuckles?

No not at all. Because I don’t touch the person during treatment.
Likewise, since I am not an osteopath, I do not manipulate joints.

I can't stand anyone touching me!

You can come with complete confidence because I do not touch the person during the treatment.

I “scan” the person’s body and send energy while always leaving my hand about ten centimeters from the person.

Finally, when I provide treatment to a minor, I ask the accompanying adult to please stay during the session.

Remote energy sessions

How to do a remote session?

You have noticed that you can order a remote session on my site, and you would like to try it.

Payment on my site is secure, you can order with confidence.

Subsequently, after receiving your order, I will contact you again to define a schedule with you.

So, at the agreed time, I will call you back with the free WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. So make sure you have installed this application correctly.

As in a face-to-face session, you tell me your request and I carry out the session.

In conclusion

You just need to find a quiet place and a time where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session.

After that, you will notice the benefits yourself during the session thanks to your feelings.

How does a remote session work?

We will use principles that have only recently become known, since we will rely on the functioning of quantum physics.

However, before we start researching how it works, it has been possible to send energy remotely for millennia. Likewise, those who send negative energies do not deprive themselves of it.

In conclusion

Just know that distance energy healing works well regardless of the distance, and for everyone. To give you an idea, I regularly carry out sessions from Andorra to one of my sons who lives in Canada. I have given sessions to people living in Reunion, Quebec, and in all corners of Europe.

Do I have to be present during a remote session?

It’s absolutely the way you want it.

In general, I like to be on the phone during the session. Because this allows me to have live feedback during the session.

However, it is not obligatory. Because sometimes it can be difficult because of the time difference or your schedule.


In this case, tell me a time slot when you will not be disturbed or doing an activity requiring concentration (driving for example).

I realize

Subsequently, I will do the session after you have clarified your request during a prior call.

Finally, after the session, I will share my feelings with you.


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