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In summary

A priori nothing destined me to move towards alternative therapies. But my life path pushed me towards this path.

After technical studies, then work as a computer scientist, my professional future did not bode well for my current practice. Then life events decided otherwise.

Thanks to the opening of my abilities, I discovered the world of energetics and trained myself extensively in different techniques.
Today, with these experiences, and in the tradition of famous healers, I offer you my treatments.

Luc Turell, maître enseignant Reiki

“Is there anything more precious to humans than health?”


A long series

My wife and I went through and overcame a long period of difficult events that accumulated over 10 years. Yes, 10 years!

Problems, small at first, followed one another, with such frequency that before solving one, the next one began. Our professional situations began to become chaotic, with colleagues who were not always very friendly. We lost our three and a half month old baby. I had an accident which caused a head injury, and my back was blocked several times, including once for three months.
We also faced unforeseen, but very significant, expenses which damaged our financial situation.
As a result, our morale alternately faltered.
In short, nothing was going well and we were sinking quickly.

My wife decided to go see a magnetizer, and made an appointment for me. What could he have done for me? What an idea !
However, I still went there. Not only did he put an end to this avalanche of problems and we could begin to solve them one by one, but he also proved to me that “I had something on my hands”. I didn’t really know what he was talking about and I continued my job as a computer scientist as if nothing had happened.
But it is thanks to these difficulties, and especially to having overcome them, that I was able to become who I am now. In fact, I began to apply on myself the methods that I offer today for care, much more perfected now. Here’s how it all went down.

Without really touching it

I have always had certain intuitions and visions within me, but never really paid attention to them. In fact, they must always have just been coincidences…

And it was a real realization that came to fruition one spring day. When a friend “almost” innocently said the word “shamanism” during lunch under our cherry blossom tree…
Because that was all it took to arouse my curiosity. But you guessed it.

A finger in the gear


A few days later, one of my two children complained of a stomach ache and not being able to go to school. Remembering what the magnetizer had told me in the past as well as this conversation about shamanism and energies, I placed my hand on my boy’s stomach. After a few minutes, he told me that he was better, that he had less pain. What a surprising discovery!

I inquired and read a lot on all these subjects which were unknown to me at the time. Then I followed training on energetics and magnetism with another magnetizer who organized training weekends. I still read and practiced a lot.

Finally, I tested it on my children, then friends confirmed to me that it worked.

Bol chantant

And now

So helping and relieving people quickly became obvious.

So it was only natural that I followed other training courses to develop my know-how and acquire new techniques. Besides, I still continue to train.

Shamanism can be considered the primitive form of magnetism and Reiki. Although after having practiced it, it was towards the latter that I turned.
Because my research on the internet and the copious reading of esoteric books naturally led me to follow practical training, I now know several healing methods, including magnetism, Usui Reiki and Karuna Holy Fire which I teach. However, I am always looking to acquire others and improve myself.

In line with the teachings of Master Philippe de Lyon, I have developed my own practice as a healer, and offer you the opportunity to benefit from it in my office or through remote care.

I constantly try to maintain my objectivity, my discernment and my independence of thought.
Likewise, I respect to the utmost the religions, beliefs or atheism of my patients. So I in no way wish to impose any point of view.

Today, I am able to offer training to share this knowledge which is the synthesis of my techniques and my experience.

The one that Luc Turell is not

I am not a doctor and in no way claim to be. I only seek to provide relief as efficiently as possible to the people who come to see me.
If you find terms and expressions borrowed from the medical field on this site, do not be mistaken. This is because I only use them for convenience and ease of understanding. Although medicine does not have exclusive use of the words it uses.

As such, I do not carry out diagnoses or prescribe medications. Just as I do not sell objects or preparations of any kind supposed to have any healing effect.
Likewise, I am not competent to judge the medical prescriptions made by your doctor. This is why I expressly ask you never to modify or reduce the doses of a treatment without your consent.
Although my treatments are therapeutic supplements intended to relieve you, help you and support you.

Finally, I also specify that all treatments are done clothed. And that minor children must be accompanied by one of their parents during the session.



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How can I help you?​

Depending on your needs and expectations, I offer in-office or remote treatments, training in several energy techniques, and coaching sessions with the SANE® method of neuro-emotional alignment.

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